Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page or any other, please feel free to contact us.

How do I upload my files and what size do they need to be?
See the How to upload your file page for all the specific details on how to do just that. It’s really quite a simple process which is done after you have placed your order.

How big can you print my image?
Our printers can handle 1.5m wide and 12m long but the result depends a lot on the quality and size of the file you provide us with and your needs. We are very quality conscious and always striving for the highest standards but you may simply love a particular image and come hell or high water you want a big canvas of it – so be it, we’ll do our best but we’ll pass on our thoughts first! We can do some pretty amazing things here to get the best out of images but if you only supply us with a little jpeg normally used for email then we can’t turn it into a mural without some loss in quality.

How can you ensure that my colours are reproduced correctly?
To be honest they may look slightly different to what you see on your screen. Unless you have had your screen correctly calibrated there may be some difference. Rest assured that our screens are state-of-the-art and colour corrected, all our papers are colour profiled for consistency and with our decades of experience in the photographic industry we have a good sense of how images should look and if we see some problem we will contact you first.

What if my image doesn’t quite fit the size and shape that I want?
We have a number of methods to ensure you get exactly what you want but in the event the image you provide does not fit the proportions of the size you’ve chosen we will send you a small jpeg showing how the image will crop. If you are happy with the change then we can go ahead. We won’t print anything until we know you will be happy with the result.

How long will my print last before fading?
Our canvas plus our inks plus your image equals three-four generations for your family’s enjoyment. Basically this means that by using the finest materials available you can rest assured that you will get 60-80 years plus of life from our archival products. While laboratory tests may show higher figures, the real world can affect artwork more via temperature, humidity and pollution, not to mention UV light.

Are you able to edit my photo for a better printing result?
Absolutely! We want to provide you with the highest quality image possible from your file. If we feel that we can give it a few tweaks and improve colour, saturation or contrast then we will. We will also crop where necessary, remove red eye, adjusting the colours, edit out small items that might detract from the final image. There will be an additional charge if you want any major retouching done but we will discuss this with you before going ahead.

What’s the deal with Copyright – can I have any image I like printed?
We will only print images that you have taken yourself or have written permission from the copyright owner (the creator of the image) to do so. Please be aware that just because you buy a print/painting/photograph from an artist or photographer does not mean you own the copyright.

Is Delivery included?
No – Postage or delivery by courier will be calculated when you place your order. The cost will depend on how large the order is and where you are located. You will be notified on your invoice prior to printing. The delivery cost calculated in the checkout is subject to change if the item you are ordering, or the location it is being delivered to requires an increase in cost.