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We have selected the most popular mouldings to offer here but this is far from our full range. If you’d like to chat about a custom frame option for your art or photography, please contact us.

Standard Range – a selection of colours in timber grain finish along with a matte white or black option. These quality mouldings are 30mm wide on the face and 20mm deep.

Box Range – Offering the same colour choices as the Standard Range, the box frames can be presented with either a front mounted or deepset option. These quaity mouldings are 20mm wide on the face and 40mm deep. The front mounted option has a similar finish to the standard range. The deepset option sits the artwork at the back of the frame with white matte sides creating a 15mm gap between the glazing and the matted artwork.

Matte Boards – We find that every artwork requires the right colour matte so while the list only shows White, Cream or Black, we will choose from a range of whites and creams to best suit the art. Beleive it or not there are over a dozen white mattes in the range and viewing them online is not the easist way to choose, so we do it for you on the real print.

Glazing – The framer’s term for the glass or acrylic used to protect your artwork from the elements. Standard glass is a great budget option to protect your artwork from the elements but it is prone to easy damage in trnasport. Our preferred option is 3mm Acrylic which is not only much more resilient than glass, it offers 99% UV protection. The ultimate finish for those that don’t like any glare is the UV70% Art Glass which has very low reflectivity and excellent UV protection, especially important for original artworks.

The finished frame will have fittings ready to hang, all you will need is a suitable hook on the wall. We do not recommend those adhesive hooks as they are far from reliable and may fail under the weight of your artwork, casuing damage or injury.


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