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PRINT STYLE – Choose from the following options…

  1. Supply your own Print
  2. Supply own print, add Matte Laminate (if print is suitable)
  3. Supply own print, add Sand Textured Laminate (if print is suitable)
  4. Lustre print – not laminated
  5. Lustre print plus Matte Laminate
  6. Lustre Print plus Sand Textured Lamiante
  7.  320gsm Textured Cotton Rag print – no laminate, must be framed
  8. 320gsm Smooth Cotton Rag print – no laminate, must be framed
  9. 320gsm Smooth Bright Cotton Rag print – no laminate, must be framed


  1. 5mm Foamcore – stable for smaller size or in frames – not recommended for unframed works over 50x50cm. Lightweight.
  2. 10mm Foamcore – stable for larger sizes but will still warp if not in a frame. Lightweight.
  3. 3mm Dibond Panel – Extremely stable for any size up to 1200 x 2400mm. Ideal for large works or high gloss prints.

NOTE – No hanging system is provided with these mount options – they would typically end up in a frame.



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