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Things to know about Gallery Floating Acrylics –

  • Gallery Floating Acrylics are available in any size from 30 x 30cm up to 100 x 240cm.
  • Choose from 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm or 6mm thickness acrylic. Thinner acrylic is lighter in weight, thicker acrylic has more impact.
  • Your Gallery Floating Acrylic is finished to the highest standard possible as seen in galleries across Europe.
  • Your image is mounted with optically clear adhesive to ensure the cleanest, smoothest finish.
  • The print is backed with a 3mm Dibond, Aluminium Composite panel backing to eliminate warping.
  • For added stability, we mount a 20mm aluminium channel frame which ‘floats’ the work off the wall when hung.
  • We provide you with a hanging kit and simple instructions for displaying your work.
  • This is not cosidered an archival product because the Acrylic itself is only guaranteed by the manufacturer for 30 years without change.
  • Allow 8-10 days for your order to be completed, plus delivery time.
  • Extra freight charges may apply for delivery of large pieces or multiple orders to cover extra packaging and insurance.


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