The Art House Warranty

All our products are covered by our 50% replacement warranty.

If your artwork fades, falls off the wall and gets damaged, warps, cracks, or is damaged in any way, we will replace it for you at 50% of the current printing cost (plus freight if required). Your replacement print will be ready within 7-10 working days.  

While we use the best and most appropriate products available for each order at the time, there are factors beyond our control that can affect the life of a print.

Under normal household conditions you could reasonably expect a pigment print on top quality paper or canvas to last 3-4 generations (60 -80 years) without noticeable fading. All longevity tests are done in controlled environments, using advanced ageing techniques. The real world is quite different. Apart from simple UV light fade, there are other factors such as humidity, air pollution, improper framing etc that can affect the life of a print, not to mention floods, fires and accidental damage.

The Art House Warranty covers all possibilities.

  • All canvas prints and paper fine art reproductions made by Art House Reproductions are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
  • If ANYTHING should happen to your print or fine art reproduction, we will replace it for 50% of the current price provided the original print is returned to us.
  • If you supplied us with the file originally, then you are required to supply the file used to make the original print. 
  • If the print is a fine art reproduction done by us, we will arrange a replacement through the artist. Due to copyright laws, we must get the artist’s approval before making any replacement.
  • Frames and freight costs are not included in this warranty.